January 1996

ABI on for 14 hours (battery getting low). Didn’t get headache until late-night.

Still tired.

Talked to Carl for awhile.

Talked to Dr. Pyrak-Nolte. She is genuinely concerned about me – easy to talk to. Possible to reschedule exams if conflicts exist.

Met with environmental geology group – it felt good to let more people know what the deal is with me – getting to know more people in my major.

First mineralogy lab — I started out totally lost and left with a pretty good idea about what I was doing! It should be a pretty rewarding class!

I feel a little overwhelmed with all of the reading that I have to do for tomorrow. I’m still having difficulty focussing and my theology and env. geology books have small print.

I got a headache when I got up to brush my teeth, so I took a pain killer. Also been taking my calcium/vit. D tablets.

Gotta go read and get some sleep.

Pretty good day.  Still exhausted.  Got a lot of sleep last night.

First day attending Theology and Environmental Geology — a lot of reading to do for both of them!

ABI on for 6 hours (took off when mom washed my hair and didn’t put it back on).

Mom talked to me about talking to the 14 year-old girl who also has NF II.  I would be really happy to, but I also realize this would have been better if it had happened a year ago in view of the uncertainty that plagues my life at the present.  I’m attempting to maintain a balance in my life right now — school/relaxing/resting — not doing too bad even though I’m still exhausted.

Dr. Marley called to check up on me (apparently Dr. Silliman asked him to before he left town).  It’s nice to know that he’s concerned about me.

Welp, gotta be getting to sleep . . .

Got to bed at 11:00 last night, but worke up at 1:00 with leg pain and slight headache — up till 4:00 — Uugh!  Classes went fine.  Met notetakers — looks like everything will be good.  Noticed numbness in left little finger (when typing on computer).  Legs sore.

Nothing unusual with ABI.  Tinnitus still strong.

Do get high-pitched beeping.

My spirits are a little better now that I’m doing some constructive things, but I still miss my smile!

Had ABI on for 12 hours. (kept it on during classes with FM system — everything fine).

Gotta study for my math quiz.

Another exhausting day!

Main observation today:  difficulty in focussing my eyes.  (have to blink / rub them several times)

Met with Thong at computer lab to go over Calculus III stuff.  (Got very tired walking)

Wore ABI for 6 hours.

Tinnitus acting up in both ears today.

Went home to get hair washed.

Busy day for tomorrow — going to bed!

Rough night last night.

When I woke up this morning, it seemed as if the tinnitus in the right ear was decreased, but as the day went on, it returned to normal.

ABI on from approx. 12pm – 11:30pm

Returned to N.D. — everyone happy to see me!  Talked to Sr. Annette — let her know if she can do anything!

Went to Macri’s downtown for Alicia’s birthday dinner.

I’m still felling very worn out and a little down.  Mom was right, though — it is nice to be back around friends!  I can’t help but worry about getting caught up with my classes… sometimes I think it would be a lot better if I wasn’t such a conscientious student!  I must not stress myself out!  I have to make an effort to relax (how ironic)!

I’m hopeful things will bet back to being in the groove soon!  I don’t like having to be so dependent on everyone else (although I am extremely lucky to have so many people who are here to help me!).

I feel kind of tense with a slight headache — I am taking a pain killer to take care of this (it should also help me get a good night’s sleep).  I am a little concerned about me being able to rest without taking a pain killer, but I guess I can worry about that another time.

See ya next time . . .

same bat time

same bat channel.

I decided to give myself a day of relaxation today — no ABI / no classes. I did call Mr. Howland about notetakers, etc. –still need 2.

What an exhausting day! I underwent all of the audiologic testing today. (environmental sounds, vowel recognition, consonant recognition — with lipreading/implant separate)

Used single channel program — wanted to improve it, but must use old processor to do it. I was too tired to try it today, so we’ll try it in a month when I come back.

Back to the testing: I had a difficult time with the lip reading/implant part for sentences because of the distraction of the loud masking noise in my left ear. Next time I will sugesst reducing this noise (the ear plug may be just as effective).

Left the implant on for the rest of the day. (I can’t really tell that I am even wearing it usually.”

Windy ride home.


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