Welp, here we go. I’ve been meaning to start this thing for several years now, but just haven’t gotten around to it… no excuses, no particular reason (other than being busy and trying to get used to things without thinking about them too much). If this turns out to be my autobiography, I could probably start writing tonight and not stop for a very long time… but seeing as I’m kind of worn out from just today’s events, I think I’ll save the last 19 1/2 years for another time…

Today was the initial stimulation of my ABI (Auditory brainstem implant). Thrifty and strong me, I decided to have us (my mom + dad + me) drive down this morning instead of spending last night in the hotel. We left around 5/5:30AM. The ride was pretty smooth, but I wasn’t able to get much sleep (although I wasn’t feeling nervous).

Our arrival at Indy was a little late. My first appointment was with Dr. Campbell to do the post-op neurological evaluation. He was still in Florida, so his assistant, Sandy, did it. I must say there were a lot less pin pricks this time! (The pain/tumor? in my left knee are being put off until my next visit.)

Jill and Fred were waiting at Dr. Miyamoto’s office (Travis will be coming later–after classes). Went back to Kim’s office. (Wendy and Ann–other audiologists I’ll be working with, also Christine the Cochlear Rep. and Dr. Yu to run the EKG machine.)

Small scissors were used to clear a site for the external part of the implant. The implant was activated!

It did seem as though the initial tones were coming from my right side. I was able to distinguish between high and low sounds, and sometimes when the signal emitted mostly a vibration.

Tests were done to see when I first sensed the signals to determine which channels will be effective. Also stimulated, however, with some signals was a movement and some blurred vision in my left eye, a small twitch on the left side of my mouth/bottom part by my nose, and tickling in my throat.

Next, used loudness chart to set-up some simple programs/tried turing it on to hear speech — mostly vibration; very faint speech (maybe from good ear, even though ear plug was used).

Took a break for lunch. I decided not to wear the implant to lunch because I was very tired and thought I could use a break.

Travis showed up for lunch. Mom and Jill went to the hotel to register while Travis, Dad, and I stuck around Riley’s.

Afternoon testing: Just re-ran a lot of the morning’s stuff, installed new program — vibration at volume of 2. Given instructions for use/owner’s manual. Wanted me to wear the implant as much as possible for tonight (even try plugging up left ear for an hour or so).

After I got off the elevator to leave, sudden dizzyness struck me — Whoa! Very weird! I’ve never gotten drunk, but I think I’ve still had the experience!

Decided that it would be better for me to just start out fresh tomorrow instead of over-doing it tonight (other programming/stimulating techniques they can try).

Travis got his car to drive me to the hotel. Got there safely/still kind of dizzy. Dad went home. I had an Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich for dinner and hit the sack for a nap. Woke up after about an hour — my Mom said I had some twitching while I was sleeping.

The dizziness has gone away. Sat in chair for awhile, watched I.Q. on HBO (pretty good movie!). And now here I am! No, wait, now I’m here. (Ha ha!) I feel a bit better since my nap, but I also feel a little tense, in general. I am contemplating taking a pain killer before i go to bed to make sure I get a good night’s rest — tomorrow will be another busy day!