In the morning, I worked with Kim and Wendy trying to pair up channels to get the mostsound without physical stimulation. Still experienced some dizziness from last night’s program. Tried new program – just a minor amount of dizziness. Left the implant on for lunch. Experienced vibration every once-in-awhile. Took little nap.

In the afternoon, I worked with Wendy to try to improve the program. Found that I could not rank the pitches. (I heard a simultaneous high and low tone — probably from my tinnitus.) Channel 7 produced only a high tone without any vibration, so Wendy made a single channel program for me to try for tonight. With my left ear plugged, I could hear with the implant, although speech is very faint. I find that it takes a little bit of time before the implant picks up the speech after the program is put in and the unit is turned on. I hope the signal keeps getting louder as I wear the implant.

Wendy showed me and gave me all the accessories and explained how to care for and use them.

Not as long of a day as yesterday, but I’m still pretty worn out. I am keeping the implant turned on at 2.5 for the rest of the day.

I did not experience any vibration until I was eating dinner in a restaurant. (It only occurred every once-in-awhile.)

Watched Jeopardy! with left ear plug in. Did not really hear much of the television with the implant, but I could tell when my Mom was talking on the telephone. I took the implant off to take my bath/shower. My skin is peeling all over for no apparent reason — it’s kind of freaking my Mom out! I hope everything’ll be alright. As Carsenio would say, “this is really some weird, wild stuff!”