Pretty good day.  Still exhausted.  Got a lot of sleep last night.

First day attending Theology and Environmental Geology — a lot of reading to do for both of them!

ABI on for 6 hours (took off when mom washed my hair and didn’t put it back on).

Mom talked to me about talking to the 14 year-old girl who also has NF II.  I would be really happy to, but I also realize this would have been better if it had happened a year ago in view of the uncertainty that plagues my life at the present.  I’m attempting to maintain a balance in my life right now — school/relaxing/resting — not doing too bad even though I’m still exhausted.

Dr. Marley called to check up on me (apparently Dr. Silliman asked him to before he left town).  It’s nice to know that he’s concerned about me.

Welp, gotta be getting to sleep . . .