ABI on for 14 hours (battery getting low). Didn’t get headache until late-night.

Still tired.

Talked to Carl for awhile.

Talked to Dr. Pyrak-Nolte. She is genuinely concerned about me – easy to talk to. Possible to reschedule exams if conflicts exist.

Met with environmental geology group – it felt good to let more people know what the deal is with me – getting to know more people in my major.

First mineralogy lab — I started out totally lost and left with a pretty good idea about what I was doing! It should be a pretty rewarding class!

I feel a little overwhelmed with all of the reading that I have to do for tomorrow. I’m still having difficulty focussing and my theology and env. geology books have small print.

I got a headache when I got up to brush my teeth, so I took a pain killer. Also been taking my calcium/vit. D tablets.

Gotta go read and get some sleep.