I think there is a lot to be said about our ability to adjust to change. In my opinion, it is not specific conditions that complicate our lives, but the changing of conditions and the necessary modifications that must accompany them.{Although this is also what makes life exciting!} I guess this is just a culmination of all of my experiences. The conditions are not so bad in themselves, but in relation to prior existing conditions, they pose distress. Most certainly because negative change results in loss. Humans are so accustomed to a lifestyle of acquiring. It is a natural process of everyday. Eating, shopping, learning, etc. We often do not even realize the daily gifts we receive from others. (friendship, etc.) As I think about this, I believe it is so because as we acquire things, we move into a state where we have them… where we can depend on them. When we lose things (both material and immaterial*), we are displaced from our position. A part of our foundation disappears.

Addendum (07/2006)
* Intangible is closer to the meaning I was trying to convey.