After doing some more reading on mailing list—

about rehab after vestibular surgery…

that you have to retrain your brain to accept the way things are (even though they are way different than before the surgery), is the way things are supposed to be (normal…).

I had never thought of it that way with that part or my brain/body…

It was quite apparent that my hearing was “new”…

it made sense that I was re-learning how to hear.

But with balance and motor functions..

just amazing.

I can recall some of the frustration—

the brain/mind thinking that these are remedial, simple tasks, but the body not cooperating…

it is much similar to how now with my little left-hand finger… how my brain tells it to resist movement, but I can not “push” against even a weak force.

All of this really supports that:

I (and humans in general) am very adaptive…

Work through situations… new strategies.

It is simply amazing at how much my body has (had) to adjust to functioning with abnormalities. (well, maybe not so simply…)!

And again, Mom was right when she would harp on me about the importance of rehab—

and doing all of the exercises as soon as I could.