Overall things great…

but had to vent some more (while I’m thinking about it) regarding my captioning situation.

I think if I write it down somewhere it helps to 1)forget about it <at least in my immediate consciousness> and 2)it takes care of itself faster.


before all of my hearing was lost, I attended several lectures/presentations/speakers outside of the regular routine of school. (even when extra-credit wasn’t involved… because I sincerely wanted to—it was viewed as part of the University experience)

I even took the initiative to take my FM system (portable) when my hearing deteriorated. I did not hesitate to do this.

Now, I am finding myself in a situation where I really want to do something… hear intellectual lectures.. and the lack of sufficient resources (specifically captioning) is a barrier.

We need a solution.

I am not conceding my education due to challenges.

This barrier will be traversed.

Time for rest!