There have been some really amazing things happening lately!!! Where to start…
OK, I guess my implant—I am hearing soooooo much now! Things are sounding near “normal” in that female voices sound high, males low, clicks and taps sound like they should. I’m listening to a LOT of my old music… I still can’t hear it like I remember it, but I can get enough of the rhythm and bass to fill-in the lyrics… I hear the voice part, but can’t tell what they are saying (I guess that’s true for everyone to some degree “he’s got the whole world in his pants”). It is really neat, though.

Best of all, I am understanding speech even better. People have to talk a little slower, but I hear a lot of what they are saying. One-on-one I do a really good job communicating. It helps when the person talking to me has normal-sized lips, no facial hair, speaks clearly, and doesn’t smile :) so that I can use my lip-reading too. Some people are easier to talk to than others. Usually I get the most from a conversation when I can relax.