Holy cow. (Only in Chicago)

A large reason it’s taken me so long to get in on this bloggin’ Groovy Train* is that I foresaw how much material I’ve got to work with–past, present, future ALL ROLLED IN ONE. (And not just material, but quality material–despite my reluctance to admit anything is all that extraordinary.) Then, I knew I wanted a visual aspect to it, and that meant finally bringing myself into the digital age. Am I going to dip my toe in the blogging waters, and be happy just with text, to start? NO–I’ve gotta jump in the deep end, whether the water’s freezing or not.And why put off starting a blog, just because I know I won’t be posting everyday–what better way to get me started than to just get started?!

Live, baby, live… now that the day is over…

But you know–this is such an ideal platform for the more anomalous aspects of everyday life. And I can serve multiple purposes by making a whole boatload of material from my past available to, well, you and the people you know–if anyone should choose to read it. Finally, no guilt for droning on and on… even though I guess it is poor blogger etiquette?

I don’t think I’m much different from other people. Actually, I can identify at least some commonality with everyone I encounter–even if it’s simply being human. Still, whatever similarities may exist, I am perpetually hesitant to assume much about others’ life experiences, or how they’ve interpreted them, or what perspective they’ve developed through living.

I’ve always been comfortable with sharing my experiences and the way I process them, but especially more recently, I don’t want that act of sharing to come across as me sticking my nose in the air (things change constantly!), or to INHIBIT OTHERS FROM simply discovering their own thing, through IMPROVISATION, THEIR OWN THING, somewhat similar to what I’ve experienced–although maybe with a different path/destination. Because honestly, if I’d read much of what I’ve written in response to my experiences, before I experienced the stuff, then I would not have been as receptive to the process that unfolded (continues to unfold). Because when you’re in it, or any downward spiral, there is no beyond it. Plus, I had the benefit of music (either in my head, from years of repetitive listening, or–eventually–courtesy of my bionic brain stem).

So many variables… and I’ve got the extremes for references. Now. And that’s pretty cool. (ok, I did lose perspective there for a small interval, after the last surgery–which gave Natalie Portman the courage to shave her head for “V for Vendetta.”)

Stuff will make sense soon. I’ve gotta build this baby a chunk at a time, and this is only one of many projects.

The main impetus for this page comes from noticing that my longer time of managing my health/life with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2), and the compromises I’ve made/changes in directions I’ve taken, while continuing to do things quite interesting and fulfilling, could probably serve the same purpose for some of the youngsters coming up behind me. Many of them are already facing tons of tumors, surgeries, and what perhaps seems to them as nothing-but-losses in their futures. I’m here with experience to illustrate that it does not have to be that way.
Giants came before me, and cleared away a lot of the debris. So I was relatively free to do my thing. It always seemed like I was just doing what made me happy or what I needed to do to survive. Nothing special, you know. One thing, though, about reframing stuff is that it does make things more manageable, in the moment. If we can’t suppress the unpredictable aspects of life, we may as well embrace them, and milk them for comic relief.

Ok, so to start out, life is music, music is art, art is life. And I still tend to scribble a bunch of random lines, and then make some sense out of them, rather than try to draw something the way it should be.

Are you ready for the Age of Meaning? We’re pre-releasing the soundtrack. Get it here, first.

* There are several blogs I’ve been reading for sometime, and each has aspects I’d want incorporated in my own blog, but form continues to elude me. In the meantime, improvisation it is!