Today was the first time I’ve heard it on the radio, courtesy commercial-full FM radio. I’d been listening to BSSM during the past week, and recognized the funk, but I’ve only heard StS on the soundtrack for, “Coneheads.”

So I get the double high–one for recognizing the tune, and another for actually enjoying the tune. Oh, and the sunset rocked, too!

The Phillies won in the first round of the play-offs, courtesy B’s hustle on both sides of the ball (plate?). Unfortunately, the umpire (who was calling a great game), got smashed-out (smashed and knocked down) by a bullet-of-a-pitch that ricocheted off the dirt, missed all of the protective gear, and knocked him down. Scary moment, but I saw the ambulance dudes who came to treat him and take him to the hospital. They got me through a couple big scares in the last three years, so I’m pretty confident he’s going to be alright. At least I hope he will be–those dudes aren’t umping for the money.

Ok, the light posts are pretty easy. Got that down. Not much information. I didn’t get a picture in, but I’ll aim for picture-in-post, generated by Flickr, for next week. (I have got to share the ice-machine-in-window with the world!)

Update: A reported that the ump was at the field, walking, and watching games the next day. Good deal!