Tempo. The synthesis of rhythm and melody. No longer the only important thing these days.

And it still covers a whole lotta ground.

Oh–I spotted a marching BARI SAX player on parade in the year 2006!!! (Totally unexpected, and to avoid disappointment, camera was not ready to capture visual evidence.)

Just remember: I started the trend over 18 years ago!

Speaking of… promises, promises. I keep making more, but I’m finally keeping some, too. Feels pretty good! If I’ve promised you something, and it’s taken awhile, then you’re one of the lucky ones. G, O, S, S, J, E, M, D, S, K, AP, R, and the list goes on… you’re all at the top of the list. I know you guys like company, so it works out well!

I still don’t have the personal-yet-not-too-personal voice (in my head, and the one I would want to be read with in your head), to write authentic-feeling articulations here. I kind of got the (still get the) talking-to-no-one, just to talk/write stuff out of my system (or basically do it constantly all day in my head and sometimes outloud). Music is the generic language. It speaks for itself, eliciting (or not) responses from others, and basically pacifies any perceived need for expression that doesn’t have to say much.

So much junk to experience, now, but at this instant it seems like such a relaxed pace. Sometimes a switch flips, and everything’s turned on it’s head, but having those as contrasts, you’re free to ride out, and even find some pleasure/humor, in the everyday upside-down loops of this roller coaster. (Not sure if you like it at first, but it’s certainly open to interpretation, and learning to like it!)

It’s a choice, in any case.