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The picture of the park’s beautiful welcoming sign was blurred and unreadable*, but this seemed like a viable alternative.

You just don’t see many nice horseshoe pits these days. If you look closely in the foliage, there’s some wildlife. Nothing as huge as the snake we’d later encounter on the trail**, but kind of neat how it tries to get into people’s pictures by hanging around the more famous horseshoe playing arena. I, too, was surprised to find there were no paid advertisements on the boards. Score one for the State Parks!

* It still takes me a bit, each time I take out my camera, to get into my groove, and I’m still reluctant about pestering others to stop, for the sake of me taking yet another picture. I don’t mind showing many of my goofs, but it depends on my mood as to what gets uploaded.

** Or at least it looks threatening when casually viewed, and with the knowledge that the trail had giant clovers and grasses on it!