The toilet is not the best place to vomit. Sure, it may be easy clean up (assuming nothing gets on you or surrounding areas), but it’s definitely a major hazard leaning over the porcelain, or even just rushing to get to it. Too unnecessarily stressful, for sure.

The second option was a solid wastepaper basket. Good for portability, not so bad if you have someone around to rinse it out, but it tends to be overkill and the girth of the opening is not necessarily conducive to cutting-off spit strains. Therefore, it’s far surpassed by a 32-ounce plastic cup. Portable, convenient, easy to wash thoroughly, perfect for travels, and it does not demand any strained bending-over that places pressure on the head, neck, and spine. If one expunges liquids or a liquid/chunks* mixture, fine. If not, fine–the handy container can be kept standing by indefinitely, much like operators for many must-have impulse items seen on TV.

Sometimes nausea and vomiting just come with the everyday territory (like when you’re withdrawing, for many months, from long-term use of a drug like prednisone), but other times repeated episodes of nausea are red flags that something’s going on internally, and your neuro should be consulted. I thought today’s was the culmination of a coughing/choking spell that spun extra long, combined with the heat. I’m hoping to sleep it all off tonight.

* I do recommend discarding these in the toilet, rather than down a sink.