When I’m in a dwelling with others, but out of their sight, and I take a rare bump or spill that may cause loud THUMPS or CRASHES, I usually yell out a calm-but-loud-enough-to-hear, “I’M OKAAAY!”

That happens more frequently than I am acknowledging. That’s why the phrase brings out a chuckle, actually.

It’s even even more amusing to me when I do the same when no one’s around me.  It’s been well-documented that laughter releases endorphins, and aids healing, so even when I am injured by moving walls and spontaneous-fun-house-floors, this must be a wise and healthful practice.

I’ve needed a lot of sleep, I guess. I forget that, over and over again — even just after I remind myself by boasting about my increasing ability to give in to episodes of exhaustion. It’s hard, though, because sometimes when I don’t feel so great, the thing I need most is to get moving around (in a moderate way), but other times my body really needs permission to just sleep.

I cycle through phases when I feel like I’m missing something if I’m sleeping, others when I know well enough that life goes on whether I’m awake or not: I can’t possibly catch everything, and others when I’m too tired to think either way.

In any case, I’m okay. (No more nausea and I had a coughing/choking spell-free day. Feels great to breathe!)