It’s been better the past two days. Pretty much. I think. No–I kinda forget. Takes a bit to hit the stride again, but it’s always right around the bend, or the next one, for sure.
I just wanted to disclose that, “slow day,” is przybysz-speak for a string of consecutive moments characterized by an internal dialogue consisting of, “oh yeah, I’m not as strong as the Bionic Woman.”

It’s never a matter of being bored. No worries.
Maybe some pain, maybe some nausea, but it’s all relative, and not necessarily constraining to one’s humour.

They actually make good days for dozing off, random reading away from screens, viewing the outside through a window, like those kids in that film, who only went outside when it rained that one day a year, or whatever (which sticks in my head like the other reel-to-reel of that witch who made magical blueberry pancakes to win over the kids, and then that one where the dude could only use everything once, and then dispose of it, and took us on a tour of the toothbrush factory, and then the other one with the granny robot who could pour orange juice or milk from her arm/finger* — puzzling!)

Back to a couple projects. Yes, the actual pain tolerance/coping/healing post is still being postponed, as I haven’t located the material I thought was readily accessible. And I know I had some decent stuff from when I thought wrote about the details more, and not so much about how hokey my description of it probably read. Or, really, I don’t know what I’m doing!

And it’s too funny, too, because reading the older stuff, when I refer to pain meds and such, they were basically things like medium doses of ibuprofen and such, and I was concerned about becoming dependent upon them and . . . it’s too funny! I am seriously squelching strong urges to add a lot of commentary and such, based on knowing what I know now, applied to what happened then . . . but I think the original stuff, though slow to develop, is better to give contexts for some other emerging themes, and then I never know where stuff is going.

The request line is open.

I thought I knew the secret to music. Then I wasn’t so sure. Can we still continue to enjoy the secret, even if we’re not certain we know the secret?

* I have randomly emulated her, many times, throughout my life while taking a shower. This was a great set-up for subsequent science classes, btw. Meaning an experiment of adhesion (?), not using the shower as one’s la-bor-a-tor-y.