Magnus was gracious enough to leave comments here in English, even though I’m sure he finds Swedish to be a far cooler language. My plans to check out the contents in his blog earlier were thwarted by the knock-out combination of the universe’s BEST rocker/recliner (photo to be posted with poem entitled “Ode to this old LaZboy”?), needing to distract my brain’s attention from my body’s internal alert system, and timely access to an abundance of quality hardbound reading materials.

Let it be proclaimed that Magnus was the first to link to anomad — ha! the perfect abbreviated moniker for my blog — and the first acquaintance I’ve made as a result of my blog. And it appears, thanks to him, I’ve inadvertently started the, “post your post-neurosurgeries scars” photo meme. Which makes me feel even cooler (even as I am only now, with great trepidation, and only due the force of the network shutdown, retiring my (official commemorative Przybysz photo to come, in the meantime, see #2, on your top 40 chart) RIM 950, demonstrating once again a great intutive eye for grand things, after my initial reluctance to adopt*.)
translated Swedish to English, using

When I got to this snippet, I began to realize that not everything is lost in translation, and the parts that are, well, I probably prefer the form of their presentation, rather than always having the precise content.

and then…

As directly quoted from the translator, “TOUGH SHIT, INDEED!”

So apparently, as they say, shit happens, and also has equivalent forms in English and Swedish.

My comment (first attempt to comment on a blog that’s not in English, using the blogger’s language):

Jag vet inte, om denna skar gör någon avkänning, en gång som den översätts. Värt försök! Humoristiskt att se, att ”skita,” översätter väl mellan svenskt och engelskt. Jag tyckte om din writing, M och skar är baksida. Önska dig all det mest väl!

Original text (since the translation is bound to nonsensical!): I do not know if this will make any sense once it is translated. Worth the attempt! Humorous to see that “shit,” translates well between Swedish and English. I enjoyed your writing, M, and will be back.Wishing you all the best!

* This reluctance was deeply ingrained in me as a youngster. My parents took a stance, investing largely in 8-track tapes. I don’t think they were ever the same since the media largely went the wayside. The movie version of my life will certainly include the scene of me typing up college applications (on a manual typewriter), while listening to my favorite tapes of the time, from times long before the time.