of communication. Possibilities and potential.

The contrast… the rhythm and the melody.

And it could realistically be a lifesaver, too. At a cost that’s equivalent–if not less than that Lifeline pendant service. (Note to self to add links and elaborate when I have time.) And then there’s the hilarious story unto itself, when simply being around a certain much-loved member of my family reduces me to my most primitive technolgically-inclined self, when I most wish to impress upon her how accessible and convenient something is for her. (racing, done, movie, bar scene, high five, “would’ve been great YouTube video”)

I think I timed the transition well. I won’t name the specific product because whenever I recommend something, the manufacturers discontinue the product because it is so economical, reliable, and effective for me, specifically. Not that my first name is Elaine or anything like that. (Though I do know Elena the original Polish Princess. And I need to communicate with her and many others, so this is another leaf turning in my most recent leaf-turning binge!)

So things have a way of working out. Even though twists and alterations may need to enter at the last minutes or hours, depending on mode of transport.

Speaking of racing…

Spoken in hesitant-not-fully-sure-of-what-the-caller-was talking-about manner that impromptu, live, amateur relay persons are so great at affecting: “well I guess they won’t have any trouble releasing the rooms. There’s some kind of marathon or something in town….”

“Are you talking about The Chicago Marathon?!”