Fortune cookie reads, “An admirer is too shy to greet you.”

To which Przybysz responds, “I’m not sure why–I’m only really fierce when it comes to claiming video arcade game playing rights after I’ve paid my quarter.” And that scenario pretty much falls under the heading of “unjustifiable challenges to those around me, or to myself,” and should be judged accordingly.

Dreams of the future*:

I am an avid collegiate football fan. I know it’s a team sport. I had a dream materialize unexpectedly this weekend. I didn’t know it was time for it to happen, or even the specific context of what would happen, but after it did, I realized it had been foreshadowed many weeks ago.

I taped** the game because I was away with friends, and reluctant to insist we manage to catch it live. At some point in the game–while I knew the game was being played, but had no access to it or any idea how it was going, I found my new mobile communication device provides me way more access to information than I’ve ever had before (and never thought was possible to have without subscribing to a bunch of extra services and such).

What prompted me to check out links I thought would just go to subscription services for score updates or whatever, was this msg.:

“N d. Needs help now. Dad is having fits. Ha ha luv u mom”

To which I replied, and not for the first time–being the loyal, unwavering fan I am:

Have faith!!!

I told you this would be great for saving lives, handling crises, preventing heart attacks and needless worry when I can’t be in three places at once.
(Also, I know all about comebacks, and I accept that ‘return to Tradition’ sometimes includes inadvertently playing into a position where a comeback is imperative. I mean, how many times do you get to watch a game, after you know the outcome, and still get totally caught up in it, wondering how the ending will match various changes in dynamics and momentum?!)

I think we were down by a point, with a few minutes remaining when I did finally pull up box scores. No big whoop, right? What would be, would be, and I decided against staying abreast of developments at the risk of offending dinner companions who, unbelievably, are not super fans like myself.

I went to bed Saturday night with the impression that we had easily pulled out a win… and caught a highlight of what I assumed to be a rather routine touchdown play, in the morning. But that was all.

Then something compelled me to pop the tape in before retiring for the night.

I must say, though, watching the events unfold, as if they were happening in realtime, and then watching them again… while knowing what the outcome (score-wise) will be (but watching others engaging in them for the first time, and their mannerisms affirming something you sensed in BLINKS, the first watch (before having a sense of HOW it would all unfold***)), was one of the surrealist experiences I’ve had in my life.

And then I slept like a log. Until a buzz from the door woke me up.

But that’s technology that was also many, many years old before I finally realized how much it would benefit me****.

* that happened in the past…

** using one of the three new VHS tapes given to me by my parents a week ago to keep at-the-ready at my apartment, in the case of an emergency request.

*** when I do watch games live, it’s common for me to “call” things like interceptions, touchdowns, fumbles, and such, in a sort of, “wouldn’t this be a great time for one of those?” way, but that’s usually merely wishful thinking. How then to account for my watching something that I obviously can’t influence because it was taped more than thirty hours before viewing, and I have no idea whether/when any interceptions occurred, and I don’t feel compelled to call an interception before all plays except for two–and those plays being ones when interceptions actually occurred?! (This gels with times I get the itching to call for a twist of fortune happening, while I’m viewing a game in the presence of others, and refrain from verbalizing the thought for fear it will jinx it, but then can’t claim to have “called for it,” or seen it coming, because I didn’t verbalize it.)

**** Oh–that’s one for the books! CART is something I was an early adopter and promulgator-of-usage of. (Though I was certainly not an innovator; just a good friend of a true trailblazer!) That’s worth many more posts, but among the firsts of the weekend, was running into a CART provider (most excellent, at that), who had worked with me for another event, totally unrelated (save-for my association with both…) to the previous one. (the balloons/certerpieces and the cake/SNL skit script)

(and as you’ll see–instead of putting up nothing here, and allowing posts to start dying in drafts, I’m relenting to the mostly-a-post-though-partly references to things-that-deserve-inclusion in this post and others. Mainly because my biggest problem tends to be whittling what floods my head down into something that’s semi-coherent for others to read! But the wheels are warming up again, so obviously I want, and am, turning out all kinds again. Because, “we play both kinds–country and western.

Now to sustain it all!