“I really like this. I want it for ____.” (referring to Annie Lennox’s Diva CD) [Mental note of RARE gift hint taken, and scarred on cerebral cortex…]

“I knew you would like it too. That’s why I brought this one with me. I’ve got it checked out from the library for a few weeks. You can enjoy this one first — I have several others, too. Wait! You know what? I think you might like this movie’s album even better. Do you want me to run in and get it now?”

“What movie?” (asked in a cautious, suspicious voice-that-knows-me-too-well, by a person who does eventually give into the perpetuation of things-that-strike-me-as-instantaneously-and-repeatably-funny, after decades of laborious practical training aimed at wearing down some natural –though self-defeating– defense mechanisms).