hold the turkey.

I did it again today:

Fixed something to eat, that specifies a primary ingredient in its name, and nearly forgot to actually include that ingredient. (Previously, I’ve done this with something like a taco salad, where the main reason I’m even eating it in the form of a salad is because I’ve run out of tortilla shells, or there’s tons of lettuce that I need to use before it turns; or I’ve got crumbled chips perfect for adding (or forgetting to add.) Forgetting tomatoes or cheese has ruined some of my culinary creations, too. Thankfully, I detest the taste of olives, so I never have to worry about forgetting those. I do believe that olives taint an entire dish or pizza. They can’t just be removed and placed on the side. No, the juice infiltrates and overwhelms other, more subtle taste sensations. I do appreciate they provide me with so many opportunities to use the word, “tainted.”  Note:  olive oil and Olive Oyl are ok.  Just no olives.  It’s gotta blend, and not be too dominant.  Garlic or onions hold the oil in check, compliment it, so it’s all in the mix there.)

So back to today: I think I got a bit lost in my exuberance about remembering to include the pickles today. (And then I was going over the, “I’m a Pepper,” song in my head. Yeah, I think that totally threw me off track: I couldn’t remember exactly how it went before getting to the, “Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?!”)