I am always surprised when I defer from starting something, because I anticipate it being rather involved to get started, and then it ends up being easy as pie-in-the-sky*. (This probably follows from many things I’ve started, and not been able to finish, even if for valid reasons. Man, those bug me.) No worries: I’ve got perspective, and there’s progress being made (even through retracing many steps). Sometimes it’s way more confusing for me to confront something on the third or twelfth go-around, than the first time. It’s easy to be semi-confident in my intuition when that first flash hits on a project, but then after examining things from more angles, I now find myself flip-flopping faster than I can patch a coherent draft together!

(I think I started a draft of this post, in another venue like memo or email to myself since I’m still learning how to maximize this baby. I’ll post this for now to see if it works. Considering this long trial post, I’m ready to think I’m not as whimpy as I thought I was getting. That’s something, at least.)

* largely thanks to hours of labor others expended, and shared as a social product… Many thanks.