Well, not really.  That’s just today.  I feel like I should be taking out the plastic red cordoning ribbon/tape, with black lettering reading, “WARNING,” and streaming it around the work zone.  I collected that long piece, umm, many years ago, after a public beachfront fireworks display.  I used to do stuff like that.  You know, to prevent it from becoming litter, an eyesore, something that someone else has to pick up, and, of course, a (free) souvenir that’s got a funny story behind it that links to several other funny stories and moments.  (Off the top-of-my-head, separate-but-related stories include the humongous professional beach volleyball banner (when there were kings of the beach), the wild-and-crazy cousin screaming to punctuate the blasts of fireworks as-if-the-dude–(only a minor at the time)–was-drunk, and the phrase “isn’t that beautiful, Nancy?”)

There was some hammering a bit ago, but that’s dissipated.   The smell is not good.  It’s not the men-at-work, no, it’s been here all night.  I didn’t realize how wise my decision to spend Saturday away from here was, and how errant my decision to return late last night was.

More than that, I feel for the guys digging in what looks like semi-frozen tundra.  (I went out to brush the snow from my car, thinking there’d be ice under it, but it is apparently cold enough so the stuff is just powder, and a lot of it had been blown off by the frigid wind. I have a ridiculously sized snow brush for the size of my car.  It is handy when we get significant lake-effect, and it’s important to cover those extremes, but I think people are justified in chuckling at the sight of me using it.  Thanks to the vintage yellow Joe’s Shell Service Station ice scraper, I don’t always look the fool.)

I hope we are keeping the carpet down now as a buffer to get any more water that happens to breach the wall before the fix is finalized, with plans to replace it and remove any mildew and mold that’s set in the padding or under it. The mold was an afterthought of mine last night.  Of course, my primary concern had to do with structural integrity.  There is more resting on this, and who knows how long the problem existed before it became apparent?  But I’ve heard of “killer mold,” and I really don’t need more health problems.