Next to the original Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album, and the now defunct, (Disney) Christmas Sing-A-Long Cassette, stands (the original) A Very Special Christmas as my all-time, never-get-sick-of*, collection of holiday favorites. (Before those, in the Age of 8-tracks, there was a great set of Dolly and Kenny singing the classics, but obviously my tastes have matured greatly since then.)

* Given, it’s true that I rarely get sick of enduring favorites, precisely because they are enduring favorites… Unfortunately, I pretty much stopped searching for new holiday tunes after childhood, so I was not aware of these options until recently!  Many thanks to the bloggers who are gracious enough to share new (and new-to-us) tunes!

Happy holidays.  Whatever the occasion, I hope you get your hula hoop!

Gratuitous link in lieu of Chipmunks and beer in a tree.