Is there anything you want

(insert SFX: worst-ever beatbox impression that actually ends up sounding authentic to spoken-word artist, even as it devolves into fit of laughter, that ends with illustrious roll/fall into chair…)


(Straightman, unemotional):
Do you need to go to the hospital?

(Uninterrupted laughter by first speaker, still at unintentional rap joke… The kind of laughter that involves one’s entire body, frequently enlisted when an old joke has been turned around, with no elaborate setup. A tinge of pride rang in the air.)

Seriously, I’m putting stuff away. Is there anything else you need . . .

(Devolves into more laughter–the kind that layers on top of exhaustion, and knows no seriosity.)

Are you having a seizure?

(The master–the Scrabbleman to score his household’s first bingo on “stooges,” and then refuse to play ever again, having reached a personal zenith–continues to maintain an expressionless face, until a smile finally cracks through at the edges.)