One night over the holidays, I noticed that my mom neglected to include the, “I love you,” after saying goodnight. I tried to give her more time, to no avail. And then my verbal expression of day-concluding, loving sentiments went unreciprocated.

I was shocked. It’s not that I felt she must have stopped loving me. That’s just crazy talk. But there was a void, and I needed to know if something was wrong.

I’m not the sort to stew in silence, or to make assumptions, so I brought what I had noticed to her attention, and asked what the deal was.

Apparently, now that she emails me longer messages than she ever has (we’re not talking about books here, but original, funny responses instead of simple answers: she really likes the 8700), she felt as if she’d already told me she loved me for the day.

I can understand that laboriously typing out an affectionate phrase, counts for a lot in her mind. And I never asked for that, although I do appreciate it. (I remain satisfied with the ILY abbreviation from the old days of character limits, and I’ve offered to add auto text for her, so it would translate like how my typing apt becomes, “apartment,” and I have to backspace if I only want “apt,” which is ok because I never use that word in email situations.)

Seriously, though, my mom never believed one could ever express too much love, or feel too loved. So what is happening?!!!