What I thought was said in response to where a piece of pie originated.

Another observation of the evening: Jell-O bridging the generations.

The wind-up on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The single sock tendency of L. (He always begins with both socks, pulled up in a secure, loving fashion, but a sock eventually strays.)

Toddler with sock on one foot, and missing on the other.

Finally! Photographic evidence. (As always, scene documented as found via ordinary life processes.)

Here’s evidence from the following day, which is also representative of other days when photos were not collected):

Another naked foot!

I think L. could be an awesome foot model. Not only does he have beautiful feet, but he also possesses uninhibited fondness for other feet of various sizes, shapes, and smells.

Does anyone know if any of the Darths had a problem retaining socks, or if they even wear socks?

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