Three kinds.

First, we have a significant lake effect event in progress. Beginning and subsequent photos shall be posted. (Cool: a couple kids are out playing in the snow next to the lake–ok, water retention area; but water drainage ditch view apartment does not have the same ring as “lakefront condo”…)

Second, there’s a blizzard of paper inside tonight, as I try to tackle a few things before Superbowl Sunday rolls around. (Is anyone else hoping for a snow machine to be used in Miami to simulate REAL football playing conditions? I’m exceptionally pleased with this year’s match-up, but that’s another post!)

Outside update: they’ve managed a great start to a fort! Ah, fit of nostalgia… OK, I should get a picture, but I don’t want to risk interrupting them or making them aware anyone’s watching. I’m not immediately related to them. Surprising, I know, because you would think I’m the only adult who would allow kids out to play after 10pm, and in temperatures below 20F!