I was on a sidestreet that’s moderate in the level of traffic flow it receives. It’s residential, with two lanes of traffic, and then curbside parking that’s marked. I noticed a funeral procession approaching. I know it’s respectful to allow the entire motorcade to proceed through signals, when it crosses traffic, but I wasn’t sure of the protocol (or law) when it’s in the oncoming lane. This was a large motorcade, so I took the cue from the vehicle ahead of me. I thought it would be tacky to pass anyone on my side who had pulled over to wait. So I pulled into the parking lane behind that car, and waited patiently.

After the funeral procession was past, I noticed the car in front of me was not moving.

I waited a few more seconds.

Next thing I know, the driver in front of me is frantically waving an arm. It quickly dawns on me the driver intends to back up into a driveway, even if it means running over me.

Right after that I had my first, very pleasant, experience with curbside pick-up of groceries at a local neighborhood grocer. I hope I assumed correctly that tipping isn’t expected in this instance. A handshake and gracious thank you are practically equivalent perhaps?

By the way, I adore massive, collective waves at sporting events or concerts, and I’m also quite fond of (even superfluous) courtesy waves in automobiles.

The last time I filled my gas tank, I had two vehicles waiting for my pump, and boxing me in while they affected some sort of macho stand-off, despite the fact there were no less than eight other open pumps. One truck waited the entire time while I was pumping gas. Weird!