“Should it be snowing?”

(And just wait until I get that picture from Saskatchewan!)

The good news: no ambulance with flashing lights and siren required.

Not so good news: I beat myself up quite a bit and don’t recall a thing.

Have I already mentioned how much I love my recliner? No blood shedding is certainly a grand feat.

Sorry for lack of pictures and posts lately. I did segue into a stint of unbounded compassion, like old times. And that gets me reminiscently theorizing and all mentally ambitious. I never imagined that would not be enough all the time. I am certainly thankful for folks being in the right places at ideal times this morning, and keeping presence of mind to calm them.

Back to _The Naked Brain_. Or maybe not. My glasses fought valliantly, but sustained damage from my limbs and forehead nonetheless. Yeah, some sleep is more probable.

Exhausted yet happy here. I was more entertaining nine hours ago. Certainly!

Oh! I did score a rather spiffy red bracelet right in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to seeing it catch on!

And for all you late-deafened readers with elementary school-aged nieces/nephews/kids: Cranium’s Doodle Tales rocks! Oh the stories…

Healing vibes to infinity and beyond!