I realized I had about 2 hours of time unaccounted for from late monday night. At least this didn’t happen while I was making a presentation. (Weird memory there I’m not keen on revisiting right now.)

Today was a great day to spend inside wearing thermal pajamas. The glasses fairy repaired my glasses, too. And my funny valentine’s popped in for a visit!

MRI is on tap for early AM tomorrow. Hopefully my ventricles are back to normal size after a day of dexamethasone, even though it’s a ten-day cycle. I’ve also had meditations of shrinking tumors. I have to be careful with that stuff, though: one time I ended up shrinking part of my head!

I rested guiltlessly. That’s so rare–even when I try to convince myself otherwise. It goes way back to my youngest days! Good habit in most contexts.

I think the steroid has masked the bulk of my neuropathic pain. That’s a nice side effect! I wouldn’t take it just for that, because I know it kicks back eventually–I just love it when I’m aware of the absence of pain! (Aka “undesirable sensations”–it’s all a matter of interpretation)