The scan itself went great. I’m glad I had better techs this time! Excellent stick for the contrast, and the machines just keep getting faster and faster, and more comfortable!

I use a damp washcloth over my eyes, to sort of shield/cool the eyelid that has a goldweight insert. I think this is actually great for making the experience feel more like a spa treatment or something (not that I’ve had that experience…), protection for dry eyes, and deterence from noticing the confined space (which didn’t bother me in the early days, but has since then required various mental contortions to tolerate). Not particularly easy for some of the multi-hour scans I’ve been through. This was a smooth ride overall, though! Kudos to the local imaging company’s machinery!!!

After lunch and a nap for me, we looked things over.

Ummm, no comment right now. I feel decent overall. No marathons in the near future, but I’m cool.

We’ll see how things go.

P.S. I was offered ear plugs at the start of the scan. (Cue laughter…) An observer noted that the tech was talking to me when I was pulled out for the injection. I could not hear or see anything at that time. “She can’t hear anything?!” This is why it’s kind of nice to have an observer.

Ah, the pervasiveness of trust in everyday life!