I know the physio-chemical crap puts some rough spots in and I continue to orient to an upswing, but junk is kinda kicking my butt right now.


I hate feeling disconnected. It’s so anti-thetical to all my life. I know I tend to minimize my stuff, for the sake of keeping others from feeling awkward. It’s just so weird: things I can’t even comprehend after living with all this, all these years. What a burden for anyone else! Who spreads that?! My mind and my spirit are so much more. Moments that are taken make it such a challenge to reach back to moments I know so much more profoundly. It was in me at such a young age… that coping ability. Why does it deceive me now?

Bodies and minds are fascinating. Tumor-riddled ones that still function, even moreso!

In any case, I always realized how much substance was there, in the mundane everyday. You all should, too! Pure privilege!!!