I woke up with that song title melody ringing grandly in my brain. Sweet comfort! How can you not feel good when you’re awakened by motivations to get your booty on the floor tonight? And making days, and welcoming others to make yours?! (I’m not in some corny mood here. It’s a combination of a bit of optimistically-leaning anxiety that steroid weaning goes well, and yet being rationale enough to stave off extreme impulses. It’s a dance. Iterations of pushing limits a bit, extending capacities, and then retreating to regroup. Hopefully getting a bit further each time, without enduring slides back. That’s the now. The next couple weeks, perhaps. I’m cool with it now because there’s more meaning to be generated: a woman with a plan.

* I am sure some sort of divine intervention has a role here: the internal electrical pathways essential for lithe movements to successfully rise from the air mattress I’m sleeping on are optimally activated such that I feel no stress upon rising. Awesome! Again, I’m just getting out of the way of my body. It’s nice when that works!

I need to generate some funnies. A lot of funnies. I don’t have my tools at hand right now. Hmmm…

So what’s the weirdest thing that’s gone through your mind lately? Any good dreams?! Do more things seem possible to you now than they did five days ago? The way things add up… always surprising me. Hey, I never claimed to know what I was doing!