Feels and tastes great!!!

I feel like an accomplished gymnast when I rise to my feet. It cracks me up. I was the kid that had trouble touching her toes without bending her knees… Sticking landings? Not so great back then, so good thing the smile was always on, if internally uncertain! (I did consider myself a stocky sort of kid… Kind of disproportionately small midsection to accommodate all my potato chip guts.)

Don’t worry now: I don’t do things in ways that bug people here. At least I don’t think I’m happy-in-an-irritating way. That’s good. People don’t always know how to deal with too much happiness. I’m a good influence, I swear. And not boring. I’m flying high, but refrain from anything that would irritate others. I’ve got this multi-perceptual and perspectival sense of my body and mind. Peace, contentment, absence of pain. The stark contrast from what’s been my baseline for months, if not years. Save for a few days in there. There’s something to be said for variety again. Better than any synthesized drug. I love it when my body steps up. Taking nothing for granted. Definitely milking it all here. Great to see in true colors. Time after time. The mental soundtrack. Mellow, in synch. I’m not a singer, but my voice is beautiful for the purpose.

It’s nice to have my internal orchestra back. That got me through the roughest parts. I think I camouflaged things pretty well. I’m good at that experince thing. Sometimes I forget, but it’s nice to have circuits functioning now that allow me to remember. (Amazing stuff–brains and minds so FASCINATING!!!) Didn’t mean to be deceptive or secretive or what-not, but why go around insisting everything’s a big whoop? Jamie’s just around to maybe benignly (like her tumors, eh?), and even surreptitiously, bring out the substance that makes folks feel good about themselves, precisely so they reflect it towards others, and remain receptive to receive more. Reciprocal affirmations. Simple stuff. Merging of mind, self, and society. You get it, right?

“See it and be it!” Whoahahahahahaaa! Hilarious!

And yeah, you may characterize a bit here, as in a state-of-being of mania, but it’s more a healthful state. When I was a kid, my constitution was like this. I always thought it was normal. I did have mean and rebellious streaks in there. It takes all kinds. Toughens you up. It’s good to be able to stick up for yourself without feeling a necessity to knock others down. Best lesson ever instilled in me. My parents should’ve raised the world. ‘Course I still have the core of striving. That’s creation and purpose, meaning. Life-sustaining processes. Evolution. Sometimes things play out. But how to react. To have that power to react. To have successive momentary opportunities to make decisions. And to ensure others have equal access. How does that spread through humanity, so that we all equally respect the humanness in all others?

I love creating that sort of space for people.