Performance update report:

The speech discrimination of my ABI around the house here has skyrocketed.

Ease of understanding is a stark contrast. It’s like we’ve actually put in a new program. Things change without changing. Or, actually, it’s just that we can’t observe and measure all the changes that occur. I’m trying to document it somehow, and then maybe we’ll be able to characterize it more.

I’m still very even-keeled and mellow.

Steroid weaning: down to a single 4MG dose of dexamethasone for today and tomorrow. (For anti-seizure med, I’m on

Aaah! Cool Hand Luke is on. Synchronicity. In the hole.

Med… I’m also just taking Keppra (500MG in AM and 1000MG at night). Just making note of level. And so it’s clear I’m not just looped-out on drugs here or something. (I respect the robust skeptics of the world, and the folks who think of more and more variables with which to specify models, with due respect to parsimony.)

This is further confirmation of my longtime theory about how less stess/trying/actual effort in getting what’s said (so that relaxing rather than concentrating hard), significantly enhances the (deaf) brain’s ability to synthesize and process auditory/electrical impulses for the brain to make sense of them.

I know there’s so much context that’s crucial to render meaningful-for-others all that I’ve been writing recently.

Thanks to all you guys over the years who have done the iterative speaking with me, while my ABI was very gradually picking up more and more, and merging with my mind/brain/brainstem. That is so cool how interactive and integrative everything turned out to be. You sense some stuff in flashes here and there, perhaps, but the contingency of life pervases.

Saturated Self. And that’s why I’m not labeling stuff yet.

Bionic woman indeed, I suppose. My Mom is telling me the story of my namesake here:

She’s talking about how when she was pregnant with me, my older cousins (I have tons of cousins), the boys heard her say she had three names to choose from. But when they heard Jamie, none of the other names even got out; they got all excited about the Bionic Woman, and that pretty much settled it. (The actress spells it differently and stuff… I’ll put wiki links, etc. Once I’m on desktop.)

It’s just fun and perhaps germane and relevant to think of that at this moment.

“Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.” Pop culture. Funny soundtracks in my head!!!