I just wanted to make the research note here about how manifestly, yet fluidly, I’m engaged in defining each situation here. I am not surrounded by anyone placing expectations on me based on any prior conventional assumptions, and I’ve had ample experiences in everyday life to explore that whole, “just being,” bit. You know, where you’re acting, with effortless action. Loving the way you move, even when you’re, “falling off the sidewalk,” and well aware observers may impute stigmatizing social attributes and whatnot. But with time, even with the crooked face, hunched shoulders, facial ticks, and whatever else, you find your groove. (Of course a land near a Golden Dome sets a great ambiance for that sort of stuff. And how about those chance encounters and sightings with Fr. Hesburgh himself, at the World’s Greatest Library?! The positioning of others on the same level as oneself. Beautiful stuff. And everyone has the freedom to do the same on various levels. Go ahead–try it.)

Generate the unexpected. Experiment!

See what comes back. Interaction effects are so cool!

And yeah, U2 Rocks! Achtung, Baby!