Note: this was the inspired, hypergraphic comment that I left on Eszter’s Blog, after reading Dan’s comment, and wanting to finally introduce myself to Eszter. Documentation.

I am not linking now, from mobile, and I apologize for that.

Poor commenter ettiquette on my part, but I’m willing to wager it will be an exception. Based on my present state-of-being. And I know Eszter will laugh about it one day, because I’m funny that way.

Beautiful spirits, all these people!

Ok, so this is the interactive thing that’s taken off… I had imagined the Web turning into something like this, but it’s surreal that it actually happened!!! Travis must love this! Play, play, play. Funny, liberation, equalization, bridging and connecting. Thank goodness others are so kind to use language and images!!! And meet me in shared meanings. (Oh! Champaigne: The SuperComputing Center, Mosaic and all: that ties to the Cherry 7-Up I drank a day ago, etc. I love that all these links and connections have returned!) notes…

Actual comment:
(I also emailed the comment page after my addendum.)

Dan, you are the contagion models masterman: it’s a moral imperative that you test to see if the baby would spread. I don’t think it’s too derivative. Oh, wait–
Just thought of how the limerick thing’s been a biggee (along with other cool babies) in the Annals of Improbable and Irreproducible Research. (Harvard’s mini-AIR was one of the first mailing listservs I joined, back in my CE/GEOS days! I remember getting hooked into U2’s fanbase and news, too.) I still get mini-AIR, 14 years later. Has ND been kind to keep this punk around, or what?!

I’m still saying, “I’m not worthy.” :)

You guys will appreciate this because of your social and communicative leanings and interests: isn’t it amazing how everything came together to allow this late-deafened chick to meet you all?!

Thanks for your humors! I think that was the predomin… Scratch that. I Know that was the predominate thing that attracted me to academia. I’m tempted to name the roll of names here, but don’t want to monopolize Eszter’s comments space. (Although I was a Master Monopoly player as a kid: go railroad tycoon, another form of engineering.)

I didn’t get a submission in for ASA this year, as I had hoped, but I’m totally planning to hop to NYC if you guys are gonna be there.

Here I felt so guilty because formal work wasn’t getting done.

OK, I heard your voice, Dan, so I’ll stop obsessing!

So funny!!!

Catch you guys around.

I can’t post comments on Blogger via Blackberry. I think Eszter has elegant taste in having chosen WordPress.

* By Liszt, associated with the Warner Brothers’ “Tiny Toons Adventures” cartoons. That was the composition that Mr. Crouch transposed so that I could play a duet with my sister for a band and orchestra festival. My sister played flute, and I played E-flat baritone saxophone. I think we have a video (rare!) And it is fitting for me to get it transferred to digital format. It is circa 1992. Then, of course, I’d attempt to share it on YouTube or such!

Alrighty, calm and tired for the day/night. I’ll rest soundly.

It’s been Grand!

Full smiles. (I guess I never really did lose my smile, afterall.)

Grand experiment.