Because I’m not in a manic flurry here at all. I’m just going with the flow, and I’ve had restful sleep. I’ve started taking more note of actual time passage because I’m well aware that our bodies and minds can play games. But I’m clear, calm, collected, concise, and everything I’m doing is in it’s own relaxed pace. Maybe you call it “vacation mode.” Yeah, I’ve written on that before. It’s cool because I’m not bound to my usual obsession about losing or forgetting decent thoughts, or getting bogged down in clarifying every single detail. I’m secure and confident everything is here to stay. This is not a sense that I’ve had access to at anyrevious point in my life, save perhaps when I was a child? That security is a privilege that we must share with all humankind.

No more exploitation.

I have always been a citizen of the world, although I had no idea when I was a little girl that life circumstances would meander in such a way to so closely and personally connect me with so many friends all over this great sphere.