“Life’s like a movie. Write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending. We’ve done just what we’ve set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and YOU!” (Courtesy Henson, Williams, et al)

I just finished watching The Muppet Movie, the movie of my life, basically. The best movie ever made and actually experienced.


I’ve gotten actual sleep, and I’m back to cooking and eating. Everyrhing is flowing smoothly.

At this same time, I’m aware of my physical limits. And they seem perfect. (For example, I’m so accustomed to my chronic dry eye and how my eyelids can’t disperse and retain what tears my body has naturally so that it keeps the lens and cornea at functionally normal levels… and it’s just habit/basic maintenance to use artificial drops every 10 minutes or so (preservative-free). It has maintained my vision, which I had lost in one eye as an infant (congenital/associated with my mutation), and at the time and through my childhood we thought I was on some mysterious course to lose the other eye, too. (Migraines, floaters, loss of visual field episodes… )

There can be tons and tons of symptoms and presentations, and visits to the ER when the body panics in reaction to changes it can’t handle at a particular moment, but if we find a way to tolerate things, and just experience them, move through them and allow them to be what they will be, rather than surrender to fear of what the future may hold, or what may be lost. To seize what’s right with us in the moment and maximize it… To let go of some things when they go. (Perhaps to have them to return, but not with some expectation: just the openness and receptive orientation to it.) Even Steven, you know.

So sometimes its not necessary to have more surgeries to fix the mechanical stuff that gets compromised by nerves being injured, cut, rendered useless. (I’ve got a goldweight for general closure, but to be doing grafting of nerves and all that extra stuff. I’m wondering if it’s just better to let things be and allow the body to heal with time, rather than potentially aggregate more unregulated cell division. (And tumor formation/growth.) The balance… And figuring out when to move out of the way of our bodies’ own natural healing capacities.

I chose to live, whatever it meant as far as functional state because I was interested in exploring and experiencing what I wasn’t familiar witham curiosity, inquisitiveness. Life fascinates me, as do all other people I come in contact with. Our minds, how we process, interpret and experience this amazing gig. Together.

I guess sometimes I thought it was kind of anomalous compared to what seemed the status quo, but I think I may have made a faulty assumption. Lately I feel like it’s universal. All over!!!

I hope you feel the acceptance, too.

Communication in all forms and media. Phenomenal!!!

It’s so great to bridge all the gaps at such a mellow pace here.

Pragmatically, is there anything I can help you with? I have infectious laughter here, too. Drop in if you need a cure for pain or anything!