So here’s the deal: I experience a sensation that’s not within my usual repertoire when a noise falls within a certain frequency range. This is day 1 of using this program. Aside from a brief interval during which certain individuals exploited my vulnerability, for entertainment purposes, the day’s been productive and instructive. (More than in hearing apparatus respects, but that’s the focus of this post because it gets me back to a generalizable point I MUST keep reminding myself). It’s like the downpour/water snippet in Tom Robbins’ _Another Roadside Attraction_, which I should elaborate/explain, just not now.

Anyhow, after I got beyond anticipating the degree of discomfort that would accompany repeated classes of sounds, I realized I was either becoming accustomed to them, or in the least adding unnecessary tension over-and-above what would exist otherwise. So I’ll work on modifying that response tomorrow.