July 2007

It’s ’70s Night, baby!

OK, now, admittedly, I still very much miss Chip and Joe.

But when these other dudes show up with such great ‘dos, I can’t help be a bit more forgiving of lapses in decent commentary.

Game on!

Today was a good day for the rain, but I do hope for sunshine tomorrow.

It’s time for an interactive component here. In honor of a pending ABI update post:

I’ve only been to each of these once in my lifetime, so far, but the visits were of greater significance than one would expect from food joints priced under $5. Back in the days…

I can’t see a commercial for Sonic car-hop style restaurants without thinking of a certain song. Name it.

Then we’ve got the slightest thought of Taco Cabana eliciting a tune that spans several generations. Gee, what could it be?!

Several rally caps, even in light of a several run advantage. What’s up with that?

Chicken dance: check.

YMCA: check.

The WAVE: only a single, lone participant that tried to get it started. Yes, that would be yours truly.

OK, so before the game, I had this feeling that a wickedly-hit foul ball would probably come pretty close to me. Normally that wouldn’t phase me, but I’m a bit more cautious about my noggin these days. I told my sister about my concern. She pulled a batting helmet out of her truck (when we were at her house the first time and forgot the tickets…). I declined the extra protection.

Fast forward to when we most triumphantly make it to our seats, where I spot several fans wearing batting helmets (Okay, there were only. four or five kids, but I would’ve fit right in.)

I think this one ranks up there with, “good seats, eh buddy?”

(The voice used in conveying baseball commentary/exclamations makes all the difference!)

Long story on the DL renewal odyssey this week. I’ll spare you the full rundown, although it was instructive to experience such extreme contrasts in treatment w.r.t. a number of variables, especially in light of the different level of energy I brought Wed. vs. Thurs. And talk about a loaded question in a setting that’s bound to various legalities: “Do you lipread?” Reminder to self: Do not imply there’s an individual component to it… Stick to the environmental and situational factors. I realized belatedly that to simply say, “it depends on the speaker,” could be taken as an insult. Oops. I am so out of practice! (And little things can make a big difference, especially in incidental, everyday interactions. Man, the analysis goes in so many directions.)

So I’ve also uncovered yet another area in which preparatory online research failed to yield the info and forms necessary to render a process as simple as possible.

Anyhow, I just saw that the state’s changing the format of licenses next week. I will remain old school for several years, I presume.

And my photo looks like a mugshot.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“Big truck jamboree @ Iowa 80 truck stop! Would U like 2 meet me there 2mrw?”

Does anyone else have trouble telling the long from the short side of fitted sheets? Better yet, does anyone _not_ have trouble distinguishing the ends from the sides, of fitted sheets (while it’s just an amorphous mass of cotton and elastic)?

I wonder why Velcro was never incorporated into bedding.


OK, so I should’ve stuck to my initial inclination to allow the scab/flaky-but-kinda-cakey-layer that’s covering my incision to fall off gradually, over an extended time frame.

Lesson learned.

I’ve renamed the “cradle cap,” that forms over the rest of my scars/head. It’s now called “crater cap.”

Any cranial topographologists in the house?!