On the former:
“So, from which neighbor’s yard did they pick them?” (Gladiolas were my Busia’s favorite flowers. I derive pleasure in seeing my mom place two stems of them in a vase, courtesy of my sister’s yard and her green thumb. Although I wasn’t aware my sister had arrived, and so assumed my nephews had scavenged for them, considering there were earlier reports of their intention to cut down a tree.)

On the latter:
I was thinking about it being Peter Piper picking purple peppers, but then I wondered if it was pickled peppers, or a patch of pickled peppers… But you pickle stuff after it’s been picked, so that didn’t make much sense. And I was just confused. I don’t see many purple peppers. These came from my sister’s garden. I think they’re pretty cute.

(Goals for the coming week include lots of personal correspondence, filling out links and follow-ups I’ve neglected, and bringing photos up to date. It’s better to have the slot to plug things in than to think I’ll remember what I was going to add. It’s like time-varying ‘evolution of the blog,’ with a boatload of co-variates.)