Or, it should be something like, “All or Nothing,” but I actually had a day of balancing activity in there–getting things done without burning myself out. (My personal chef and trainer has not turned up yet.) In any case, my anticipations of actions haven’t been very accurate–not for lack of motivation or mental planning. But I’m making progress.

Quick ABI/Captel update (since I’ve been terrible at follow-up):
The clarity of voice coming through the receiver was great today. Better than face-to-face conversations.

I don’t think I’ve been situating myself close enough to people to isolate their voices. I miss the effectiveness of my pre-2007 programs in filtering out background noise (on the S/squelch setting). I think that will just take time and use to regain. I’m receptive to that happening. (It’s been nice this week to realize my mind’s bringing out old coping techniques, potentiality language and such.)

The notable quote from the week: “This is not a mooning contest.”