of strawberries. Cleaned, sliced, and eaten by yours truly. Not bad for the week, for little old me.

The week started extremely slow. Just when I felt reasonably secure I was hitting a new groove (enough so to blog it!). It’s been back to basics, which doesn’t put me in front of the desktop for long, if at all. Today was better (hence the imperative of checking in, even with backlog of pics and correspondence overdue for tackling). Not to mention other projects.

I’ve been scheduled since a month ago to start some sort of 48-hour EEG on Monday. I’m imagining some weird cap of some sort, so I’ll get a pic (and then work on the backlog of posts and pics). My head doesn’t appreciate the little sandpapering thing to clean the electrode spots for the in-office EEGs, so I’m hoping some alternative thing will be used. The good thing, I’m guessing, about this “take-home” EEG is that I’ll be setting my own reference, and it’s a longer reading.

Brainwaves, brainwaves…