without a haircut.

I think that’s a record for my post-ponytail days of youth — although only in the sense of not really needing a chop, not in the sense of just not getting around to it. (My first salon haircut was in high school, a bit after my godmother had clipped my waist-length hair to just below my shoulders, before my first brain surgery. It seems like my hair’s always grown back faster after surgical head shavings prior to the most recent one.)

The more contemporary homegrown cut is something that’s more spontaneous than definitively planned. Good thing.

I looked up a bit on the ambulatory EEG. They place an array of electrodes that hooks into a battery unit for recording (and advise folks not to shower while they’re undergoing the monitoring)… And there were message board posts about the glue sticking around afterwards even moreso than usual. There was also a mention of the use of a cap for children for greater comfort (and because, you know, children are precious, with sensitive skulls). I think that’s what should be used for me, and nevermind that it may slip a bit or whatever. I would like to look like a synchronized swimmer, thank you very much.

Anyhow, I’d love to be on the end interpreting the data. Takes me back to separating the noise from the informative portions, in days of field research and pressure transducers.