I was diagnosed with NF2 in 1990, based on an MRI that was actually informative, painless, and useful for treatment thereafter.

A lot has gone on since then, but my surgeons have always been conservative about tests I was put through.

Since the most recent crisis and mediocre MRI results, my quality of life was improving, naturally, with healing time and self-initiated routines. Why am I the only one who acknowledges what’s helpful and harmful to me, after all these years and experience, and the mounds of MRI, clinical, and surgical reports?!

I am generally level-headed, and put things into perspective well, even tend to be a people-pleaser the majority of the time, but the buck stops when something being done to me cuts to nerve roots, and spurs inflammation, and drives me to instant exhaustion and a plethora of emotions. With no empathic understanding to be found from those in my midst. I’m not faulting anyone for lack of understanding, but I am saddened by it.

Respect. Sock me with the right stuff, please.