“Ain’t it great to be ___-__?”

I’m not sure where some of these songs come from. This one certainly wasn’t prominent in my primary school years (and I think I always preferred being “weird,” over “crazy.”

I do a nice job getting down verbally with the youngsters, though. I caught a glimpse of a story-in-progress by nephew D today. It included something about a fre(a)ky dream that his main character had had. The part I read indicated an apparent seasonal theme. I have a feeling I may need to wait for the published version to gain access to the whole story.

Totally unrelated:
I found out a bit too late about Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s visit to DPAC (DeBartolo Performing Arts Center) to arrange my attendance for Thursday’s performance. It used to be rare, indeed, that I’d miss an opportunity so unique. I think I did derive some vicarious benefit from the group’s presence in the local area.