This week is, gratefully, a packed one. In a good way. In the best way. I’m still wading through literature in prep for this weekend, but I’m looking forward to a return to the presentation role. And meeting folks and exploring potentials at a practical and realistic level that remains positive, thanks to available interpretive lenses. (It’s nice how things are realistic by default once they’ve been lived.) Not to get ahead of myself, but I view this as a step closer to resuming a related trajectory.

This week’s work is a springboard for more structured writing, too. (Not that I’ve ever gotten the unstructured stuff where it deserves to be… just not enough time on the desktop and the html editor has vanished from mobile WP and I’m too lazy to type out commands like it’s 1994. Still. Oh well. It’s all about balance and priorities. And accumulating process/experience/processing experiences, even if Lloyd would phrase it differently. And it all intersects anyway.)

I didn’t used to think much about the biologically-induced interruptions in learning processes. It seemed like a cop-out (when applied to me, by myself; I leave plenty of leeway for others’ experiences) and, for the most part, we were able to minimize the effect. Or at least I thought so at the times. (Maybe I just camouflaged it using adaptive strategies.) It’s hit me more at the post-M.A. stage, but I think that’s just a multiplicative effect on what most doctoral students encounter. Nothing special or extraordinary, really. (Worsening symptoms don’t help, but I missed the loop to forestall the negative feedback cycle, even if that was also etiologically-induced (via communicative factors), and that sort of thing could happen to anyone). I honestly thought I could still work various plans. In any case, I remain both patient and active, and my engine’s running.

Time to dust off many cobwebs. It’s going very well so far. And yes, everyday interactions have fueled a great deal of all this. All those contrasts continue to gain saliency.

In a way, I’m starting over, again again, but with the benefit of having visited previously and being aware of how much more I want to explore. The need to fill gaps.