There were about twenty election workers in the cramped hallway of the church. No line when I entered, although a few voters arrived after me. I do miss the West Side Democratic Club. Paparazzi were absent this time, but it was nice to avoid the driving time today/this week.

I verbally self-identified as late-deafened, which I clarified as “you know, I can’t hear to understand what you are saying.” They continued to mumble. So be it, I was in a mellow mood and figured I’d be corrected if I did something wrong. I just did what I thought I was supposed to do… and you know how you tend to rush a bit when you’re unsure of yourself. I’ll have to practice the look-like-I-know-what-I’m-doing-even-when-I-don’t. I didn’t prepare myself mentally to do that today. I think it’s natural for a select group of individuals, but it takes a great deal of finesse for me to pull off seamlessly.

When I fed my ballot into the scanner, I saw the count, but it didn’t change after I was looking, so I assumed I looked too late, said another thank you to the crowd, and headed out the door. I didn’t get a sticker and probably seemed like I was rushing out, but it was just kinda weird. I don’t know what kind of operation they’re running. I did leave with a self-generated sense of goodwill towards the volunteers.